Ingrid Sweeney, Service Dog Trainer in Vienna, Austria

A well prepared dog becomes your equal and your partner, a companion and a communication facilitator. He develops the skills necessary to assist you in everyday circumstances and provides stability. You can both thrive in a beautiful relationship in which one cares for the other.


My goal is to train a service dog to assist you with day-to-day activities and then, if applicable, to help you both pass the state exam to become a certified team in Austria.


If you were issued a government ID certifying your disability at 50% or more, BMASGK may cover a portion of cost which accrues in the raising and training of a service dog. The legal framework is to be found in detail here: §39a Bundesbehindertengesetz



My source profession is  that of concert violinist.  I specialize in coaching, multimedia, improvising and playing chamber music.


In the last few years I dedicated myself not only to coaching young people in music at a high level but also to training dogs for people with disabilities.


My mentors in Austria: Maria Gerstmann (Ilztaler Reha Hunde- schule) and Dr. Vet. Cornelia Albrecht, leading Austrian experts on training seeing-eye dogs and dogs for people with multiple service needs.


I am proud to be listed  as an assistance dog training facility at the Messerli Institut in Vienna.

Pirate is a service dog as of fall 2018

Would you like to foster for a puppy's first year? 

This involves high time commitment and dedication to training and socialization. 

Perhaps you are an expat citizen who will only be in Austria for a limited time. Perhaps you don't want a 10+ year commitment but enjoy working with dogs. Maybe you would like to raise a puppy for someone you know who is in need of a special assistance dog.  Please let me know!

Bruno passed his Therapy DogFebruary 2019. He is active in a school setting with teenagers in the city of Vienna.

Menadiel,  PTSD dog, June 2018

Mona, balance support dog, fall of 2018

Theo, Alzheimer service dog, summer 2019